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10 Mega Expensive Homes of your Favorite Celebrities

With no doubts, celebrities are always on the limelight for doing something extraordinary. Whether it be their new expensive and exclusive car or lavish home, they are obviously living one of the best life anyone can even dream to live.

While some celebrities believe in spending their treasure in multiple properties, the other category of them loves to build a unique mansion for them.

The personalities in our list include those who build a beautiful and most expensive castle for them. Let us take a look at them.

1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – $20 million

Kim Kardashian with his husband Kanye West owns a grand mansion in the Hidden Hills of California. The couples had purchased it for $20 million in 2014 and later on spend another $20 million for its renovation work.

With the Belgian architect, Axel Vervoordt, the couple took almost 2-3 years to finally move into their house. Keeping the look of the house so pristine and church-like interior, the couples decided to keep the light colors on the walls and furniture of the home.  

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's homes
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s homes

2. Lady Gaga – $22.5 million

Lady Gaga moved into her beachside property worth of $22.5 million in 2014 at Malibu, California.

The grand mansion was once featured in a documentary movie, “Gaga: Five Foot Two” and the actress calls her home a sanctuary. She once said, “This is my sanctuary…my oasis of peace. I call it my gypsy palace”.

The mansion is situated in breathtaking sites as the mountains are situated on the one side while Pacific Coast is on the another. With the area of 10,270 square feet, it is equipped with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. On the luxury front, it also a wine cellar, home theatre, wet bar, and bowling alley.

3. Jennifer Lopez

The 1940 built mansion by architect Samuel Marx is purchased worth $28 million in 2016 by Jennifer Lopez and its present market value stands at $40 million.

It featured 10 carved woods or stone fireplaces, 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, a downstairs pub, an organic vegetable garden and a stone-accented kitchen topped with skylights.

With an amphitheater of the capacity of 100 seats, a man-made swimming pond, a mini golf course, and 2 guesthouses, it is surrounded by the greenery all over around.

4. Tiger Woods

The world famous golfer, Tiger Woods is the owner of a lavish property in one of the wealthiest place of Jupiter Island in Florida. With the space of around 9,000 square foot, the mansion is worth $40 million and Tiger has, later on, spent another $15 million for the renovation works. It has three bedrooms, two master bathrooms, a gym, basement wine cellar, media room and its own elevator.

The wood’s mansion also has a separate tennis court areas, guest area, oxygen therapy corner, multiple pool areas and a fitness center. Tiger Woods is the neighbor of the most prominent personalities like Bill Gates, Gre Norman and Celine Dion.

Tiger Woods's home
Tiger Woods’s home

5. Tom Cruise – $59 million

Tom Cruise owns the whooping area of around 298 acres of the home in the historic resort town of Telluride. With the worth of $59 million, the lavish property includes scenic rolling hills, forest trails, horse riding stables and a private helipad.

The wooden look mansion has 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. The floor-to-ceiling of the living room gives the beautiful mountain Wilson views. It also has its own custom library, recreation room and a charming guest house for family and friends.

6. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – $67 million

The 35 rooms mega mansion located in southern France is owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Known by the name of The Chateau Miraval estate, the 500-hectare area was purchased in 2008 when the couple got married there in August 2014.

It also has a separate 50 to 60 acres of vineyard, a chapel, a mote and massive gardens for their six children. Being located in the closest arm of nature, it has forests, olive groves, fountains and lakes.

7. Jay Z and Beyonce- $88 million

The hillside mansion of Jay z and Beyonce is situated in Bel Air and is worth around $88 million. The 1.88-acre property has eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a big garage, a separate basketball court, staff quarters and bulletproof windows.

An additional $750,000 is also spent on further renovation of the luxury space. The house features four pool areas, guest bedroom, a movie theatre space, a helipad area, a separate play outdoor area for their three kids and a lush green spot to play.

 Jay Z and Beyonce's home
Jay Z and Beyonce’s home

8. George Lucas – $100 million

The highly secretive mansion of George Lucas is spread around 4,700 acres in Marine country, CA with the worth of $100 million.

The property includes multiple buildings, mega theatre space occupying more than 300 people, a thriving garden and vineyards. Also, it has a private fire station. In addition to all these, there is a 2 story library and an outdoor pool.

It is rumored that the property is highly secretive and nobody is allowed to take any pictures.

9. Oprah Winfrey – $100 million

The 65 acres of property owned by Oprah Winfrey is often called “The Promised Land” and is situated in Montecito, California. The most expensive mansion is believed to have bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen and wine cellar.

As far as a recreational area is concerned, it has two movie theater, multiple covered and uncovered terraces and gorgeous grounds.

In addition, it also has two outdoor fireplaces, pool area, 2-acre avocado grove, rose gardens, a private guest house and a teahouse. There are also riding rings, stalls, a horse trainer’s house and a man-made stocked lake for fishing.

10. Playboy – $100 million

The 21,000 square feet area of Playboy mansion employ more than 80 full time workers for multiple tasks like cook, security, electricity, plumbing and ground tasks.

Hugh Hefner popularly known as Playboy loves animal and birds as his house has its own zoo for variety of species. With an impressive art gallery, it has frequent visits and even many events like boxing and  martial arts were also organised in the grand space.

Being a game lover, Playboy dedicated a room for the vintage video games and there are more than one forest including redwood and fern tree forest in the ground area. The mansion has the license all over the year for the fireworks.

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