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Five Hidden facts of Avengers: End game you should know

With no doubts, Avengers: End Game has become one of the most successful movies in history. Its overall collection has reached $2.5 billion with the credit of being the highest-grossing weekend worldwide.

The fourth movie of Avenger series and 22nd film of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Avengers: End game has much more to explore yet. Although the movie is extremely popular, still there are many hidden facts many don’t know yet. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Trailer’s popularity

The 30 seconds trailer of the Avengers: End Game has grabbed the attention of the audience to their screen within a few seconds after its official release. It is estimated that above 89 million people had watched the super engaging trailer Game to have a glimpse of their favorite superheroes.

As soon as the trailer of the Avengers: End game was released, it became the top trending video on YouTube. The appearance of characters one after the other keeps the audience’s guessing of who all are there in the movie.

2. Hawkeye transformation

People might keep guessing about Hawkeye’s appearance in the last series of the Avengers as after Captain America: Civil War, he decided to retire. But in Avengers: End game, he appeared with a completely different look.

Like in one moment he wears a black costume with a samurai sword while in the another, he wore a black and gold suit with a katana-esque blade on the streets of the rainy Japanese city.


3. Last cameo of Marvel legend

Known to be a soul of the Marvel stories, Stan Lee died last year in November 2018. The legendary writer has made the children world colorful with his fascinating stories. However, his funny cameo in several movies and TV series also made the audience to laugh.

Likewise, in Avengers: End Game, Stan Lee made it last cameo as a de-aged car driver in 1970. While crossing the army base, he shouts, “Hey Man!! Make love, not war”!!

4. Meaning of endgame

Likewise, in the title of the other movies of Marvel Studio, Avengers: End game also has a hidden meaning behind it. The name is not a surprise for the makers as it is decided previously in Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor strange said a line that, “We’re in the end game now?”.

As Avengers: End game is the culmination of all the 21 movies of the Marvel  Cinematic Universe, it clearly defines that this is the last one to come from them. However, this is just the ending of phase 3 and there are yet many exciting parts to come in phase 4.

Meaning of endgame
Meaning of endgame

5. After End Game

Starting from Iron Man in 2008 to Avengers: End Game, Marvel has carefully managed excellently one movie after the other. Now the question arises, what is next for the marvel lovers as things are not yet confirmed.

However, there are speculations that the next phase 4 of MCU will make your ride to a very different plot. There are chances that new characters will replace Iron Man and Captain America. But the characters like Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man will retain their special place.

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