Conquer your fears

How to conquer your fears? Follow these 5 simple steps

Do you ever just step back due to your fear? Or just miss an amazing opportunity because you are unable to overcome your fears? Then you should stop for a while and list the moments you have missed out till now. Fear to a certain extent is good as it keeps you alert in dangerous situations but it shouldn’t ever overpower your happiness.

However, while taking a few simple steps, you can conquer your fears. Let’s see what are those steps that will make you more like a little simple.

1. Acknowledge your fear

It is easy to ignore your fear and run away from it but the real courage comes in when you actually face your fear. Accepting what scares you is the first step to conquer your fear.

Don’t judge it in the perspective of good or bad as it is normal to fear about something as a human being. Like you may fear when you start driving a bike or started a new job and it is common with many people. 

Fear can cause anxiety or distress at times but when you will stop for a while and consider its positive outcome, you will definitely take constructive steps to overcome it. So, try to make things beneficial on our side by taking a smarter step instead of stepping back all the time. 

Acknowledge your fear
Acknowledge your fear

2. Recognize false belief

Majority of the fear is based on the false belief and we simply accept it like when we see a reptile, we usually think that it may kill us. But this is not the reality as by more searching about things online that scares you can make you aware of its actual risk than the perceived one.

To conquer your fears, you should take a pause and do some extra research and get yourself acknowledge. Keep aside your negative thoughts attached and say to yourself that it is not hard to face that scary fear. Try to be more logical about things rather than being terrified like a small kid always. 

3. Divert it as a source of fascination

Why do we like horror movies and want to try extremely thrilling sports? And yes the answer is it incites the feeling of exhilaration and passion.

So, why do you can’t adopt the same path while you conquer your fears? Reframing your fear in the positive direction can give you an opportunity to face the same thrill you face while trying an adventurous ride.

Remember that fear before any situation should always heighten your senses so as to perform efficiently but it may never come in the middle of the situation. If you are concerned with the coming deadline then make it as a source to get fully prepared rather than sticking to the negative results.

 Divert it as a source of fascination
Divert it as a source of fascination

4. Expose to your fear

People generally feared about the things they had never exposed to. This type of fear is usually termed as “Fear of the unknown” that makes a person restricted to do things certain things without even facing them ever. Like if you are afraid of a dog, you usually try to avoid them in the best possible manner. 

However, once you will try to prepare yourself by either watching videos of the dogs or knowing that the majority of the dogs are gentle rather being vicious, you will try to conquer your fears. Facing those seems to be dangerous dogs either in your streets, parks or any friend’s home will make you feel neutral at the end.

5. Try relaxation techniques

Whenever you feel that the situation is going out of control and you are unable to conquer your fears, then try to do relaxation techniques. The common one being to take deep breaths like first inhale and then exhale. Once you feel comfortable, take to increase its time.

If your facing muscle tensing, you can clench all the muscle for about three seconds and then relax them. You can repeat the process to melt all the stress building up in your body.

By trying different relaxation techniques, your body will start thinking that you are safe. It is an easy way to cope with the stress that may hinder your performance. You can find your suitable techniques to conquer your fears as it widely varies from person to person.

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