5 reasons to Stick to Netflix in 2019 – must watch for you

Do you want your favorite shows available anytime on our smartphones, tablets, computer or smart TV? Then, you must be known by the fact that Netflix is the king of offering its service on all such platforms. Established long back in 1998 as an OTT platform of streaming films and television programs, it is completely transformed to a different level and ruling the market presently.

Recently, Netflix has announced the 60% price hike in the plans but that doesn’t stop the company to gain a 10% hike in the subscribers. So, there must be some pretty reasons to make Netflix going far behind the expectations of the makers and make people stick to it regularly.  Let’s just discuss some of them.

1. Prices are still economical than you cable bills

People might get erupted after the prices are hiked for the Netflix subscription but spending just $8 per month compared to your one-time movie ticket is still an economical option. With one-time spending, the entertainment world is rightly under your fingertips.

The additional benefit of paying the standard plan and watching it on four to five simultaneous devices is something to look upon.  

Prices are still economical than you cable bills
Prices are still economical than you cable bills

2. Focus always been on Rich Library Content

The idea of focusing mainly on the content rich library really hits well for Netflix in the longer run. From shifting towards itself from licensed content to making his own shows, they have really worked excellently on the right place.

They have even touched those places where Hollywood won’t dare to touch even. You will be able to meet the new characters like Gypsy, Hemlock and The Get Down from Narcos, Stranger Things and Manhunter.

Besides this, the internationally accepted content in countries like China, Turkey and Pakistan along with the subtitles shows the dedication.

3. Multiple Profiles on just one Account

Yes, it is true unlike the other video streaming apps, you have the option to operate one Netflix account with multiple profiles. The limit to create different profiles can be extended upto five people without disturbing the activity of one another.

Not only this, Netflix is smarter in sending you the recommendations of the shows as per your viewing habit. Whether you to share your profile with your partner, friends or family members, you all will not get the same recommendations all the time. This way, you can also split your bills in case you find it costly.

Multiple Profiles on just one Account
Multiple Profiles on just one Account

4. No space for Commercials

Since 1998, Netflix has witnessed the start and end of many competitors but they never adopt one common trait of inducting advertisement in between. I know, it feels irritating to tolerate those mandatory and unnecessary advertisements before your favorite shows. This fact is rightly understood by the content king that serves less or no advertisement.

Just consider your cable bills which are far higher than the Netflix subscription but still make you compel to watch uncountables ads. Within the time of 60 minutes, the 15 minutes are dedicated to only advertisements and that is a shitload.

5. Serves more than hundreds of TV shows

Yes, you might just be watching those popular shows but unaware of those last scroll downs. However, there are more than hundred shows available with not just one season but the entire series.  And as we are very confident with the quality of content in its every show, then trying something new will always be beneficial.

Netflix offers a lot on almost every fringe content on its platform. Whether you will search best documentaries, best stand-up comedy specials or anime series, you will be served everything here.

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