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Must popular 5 theme Parks of the World in 2019

A theme park is the first option we often pick up while we are planning for an outing in the holidays. Because of its perfect blend of excitement, adventurous rides, watersports, smiles, magical castles and deep diving into the sea, theme parks have attracted more than millions of visitors over the years.

While talking about the theme park, the first thought would always be to visit Disneyland and get yourself engaged in the life of Disney characters. However, there are still many more theme parks to be explored which are no less than one another. Let us take a ride at them.

1. Universal Studio,  Japan

Universal Studio theme park is considered as one of the most thrilling theme parks in history. It is alone enough to attract more than 8 million visitors per year with its virtual world of magic. Majorily, the area is divided into eight themes: Hollywood, the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Amity Village, Jurassic Park, Waterwood, Universal Wonderland, New York and San Francisco.

However, the major magnet to attract visitors is to explore the engaging world of Harry Potter. The rides of Universal Studios are even named after the silver screen such as The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Jurassic Park.

Universal Studio,  Japan
Universal Studio, Japan

2. Disneyland, Paris

With no doubts, Disneyland of Paris has overtaken Eiffel tower as the most popular tourist destination in Europe over the years. It offers two separated parks of Disneyland and Walt Disney Studio with the new options of restaurants and shopping districts. As far as surprises are concerned, numerous options are ranging from Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and many more.

Not only this, but it also comes with fantastic galaxy, roller coaster rides, a ghostly mansion and never forgettable tours of the dolls from all over the globe and Disney characters, the Disneyland is a must visit the place.

3. Tivoli Garden, Denmark

Tivoli Garden is considered as one of the oldest amusement parks of the world and has been attracting the visitors since 1843. Even the makers of Walt Disney and Fairy tale often visited the Tivoli Garden to get the inspiration for their stories.

The astonishing architecture of the old buildings in the park with lush gardens is something worth to watch. During the nighttime, thousands of lights create a unique atmosphere of a fairy tale. As far as dining options are considered, it serves a vast variety from Danish cuisine to Asian food or even French Bistro.

Tivoli Garden, Denmark
Tivoli Garden, Denmark

4. Alton Towers, United Kingdom

Spread in the area of 500 acres, Alton Towers is the biggest theme park in the United Kingdom. It comes with other amazing options of a theme park, a hotel complex, mini golf,  water park and treatment rooms.

As a whole, it has 50 rides to attract the visitors and is the major attraction of hosting halloween and firework spectacular display. It is basically operated by Merlin Entertainment Group.

5. Gardaland, Italy

With the attraction of more than 3 million visitors every year, Gardaland theme park is located near the Lake Garda. It has 32 rides including seven roller coaster and three water rides thus providing an incredible journey to the visitors.  Garland theme park gives a tremendous experience with rides like Blue Tornado, Sequoia Adventure, Raptor and Magic Mountain.

The theme park is inspired by the world of history and geography of space and fantasy. Nearly every age group have the amazing option available whether it is their early childhood, adolescence or the third age

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