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10 most highly qualified Hollywood Celebrities

Not every Hollywood star is a college dropout who has nothing but some bugs and plenty of ambitions in their thoughts. Some are even there who made a point to achieve their dual dream of being successful as well as highly qualified.

You may be surprised to know that some actors who actually played the role of doctors or scientist in TV series or movies have the degree for the same in their hands. Let’s take a look at some of the actors who are highly qualified besides being the limelight of the glamorous world.

1. Brian May

No one would ever know that the legendary guitarist of Queen would also be such a highly educated fellow. When Brian started his band “Queen,” he was actually finishing his thesis in astrophysics but he had to choose music over studies.

However, after 30 years, he went back to receive his Ph.D. in astrophysics from Imperial College in 2017. After qualifying with a well-recognized degree, he visited several times as a researcher for the institution.

2. Danica Mckellar

It is very unusual for a star kid to develop a love for learning theory and practicals, but Danica Mckellar was not among them. She not only loved science and technology but is passionate for maths too.

Once she told, “I was a total STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) kid from the time I was born. I can’t ever remember a time that I didn’t want to only learn, but be challenged. I think that’s why I love math; it challenges my brain.

Being an undergraduate from UCLA, she wrote her first book titled, “Math Doesn’t Suck” especially for middle-school-age girls. This was just the beginning to show her love for maths as she wrote several books after that.

Danica Mckellar
Danica Mckellar

3. James Franco

Being born in Palo Alto, California, James Franco passed high School in 1996. After school, he decided to do his graduation in English from UCLA. However, he started cultivating his love for the acting and drop-out his college after one year. In 1999, he was starred in the famous television show “Freaks and Geeks” and after that in the biopic “James Dean” that let him grabbed Golden Globe award and Emmy award nomination.

After enjoying fame in his career, he once again moved back to pursue his education and had done his masters from Columbia University in creative writing. The degrees are not yet done as he plans to pursue his Ph.D. in English and film studies at Yale too.

4. Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson may easily deceive you with his most famous character Mr. Bean but the reality is totally different. Portraying himself as one of the lovable idiot title, it was actually his master brain working behind. Rowan had done his master in Electrical Engineering from Oxford University. This is the place where he started knowing his unusual talent and made his first stage appearance in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The makers of Not Your Nine O’Clock News spotted Rowan and made him hit his debut in the television screen. He was also named as the BBC’s Personality of the year.

5. Mayim Bialik

You must know Mayim with her role as a neurobiologist in “The Big Bang Theory” but you will also be surprised to know that she is actually holding the degree of it. Starting her career at a very tender age, Mayim got his first role in movie Pumpkin Head and later on appeared in several TV appearances.

In 1993, she was enrolled by the UCLA for Ph.D. in Neuroscience and a bachelor degree in Hebrew studies. She had done it all from being a successful child star to a smart scholar. Besides this, she was also nominated for the Emmy Award for the supporting actress category.

Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik

6. Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong was actually a physician at the daytime and a comedian at the night time. Yes, this is true as Ken was always inspired by the famous stars like Jim Carrey and Bill Cosby but his parents were against his passion for acting.

They want him to divert his acting passion and continue his studies. Unfortunately, he did the same and pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Med Studies from Duke University and medical degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

However, besides practicing as a full-time physician in the day, he decided to enhance his deep down passion by taking the acting classes at night. Soon, after being recognized as a good actor, he had to choose a single path after he was offered the Hangover franchise. He followed his passion and commit himself fully to acting.

7. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is one of the most versatile actresses of all time. Besides this, she was also highly educated. Her passion for acting was always constant and it can be seen in his nomination for 22 academy awards and 31 golden awards.

In 1971, Meryl received his graduation from Vassar College in B.A. Even Meryl was enjoying a good acting career, she was still not satisfied with her acting and get her Master degree from Yale University in acting.

Once Meryl’s drama teacher said about her that, “I don’t think anyone ever really taught Meryl acting, she really taught herself”. She excels in every section whether it is in drama, comedy or musician.

8. Lupita Nyong’o

Known by her mad acting skills, Lupita Nyong’o is really a hard working lady. She has done her bachelor in film from Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts. While she was studying, Lupita has done an internship in several movies too. This was not enough for her as after she did her masters in Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama.

Born to Kenyan parents in Mexico City, her father was a teacher at a school there. Not just one hit but several hits were in her lap. From “12 Years a Slave” to “Stars Wars: The Force Awakens”, she was praised in each for her good acting skills. Spending a childhood by moving from one place to another made her adapt every situation on her way.

Lupita Nyong’o
Lupita Nyong’o

9. Ben Stein

Titled with the multiple roles of America Writer, actor and lawyer, Ben Stein is a graduate with a law degree. After doing his graduation, he started practicing as an economist at the Department of Commerce in Washington D.C. He also served as a teacher in the University of California where he became a speechwriter.  

Later on, he became a Hollywood consultant helping the writers and then eventually land up in acting. Ben was famously known to play unemotional characters dominantly as a nerd. From being as an American attorney, host, actor, political speechwriter, law professor, author or columnist, he is titled as the funniest Republican in Hollywood.

10. David Duchovny

The FBI agent “Spooky” in classic show X-files, David Duchovny is always passionate for writing. He was graduated from Princeton University with B.A and later on master degree in English Literature from Yale University. At the college level, he won several awards for his excellent writing.

Although, in the late eighties, he had done numerous commercials but later on managed to do small roles in movies like New Years Day and Bad Influence. In 1991, he was offered the hit role of DEA agent, Dennis Bryson in television series “Twin Peaks”. He went on playing many leading roles after that.

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