Most Endangered Animals

10 Most Endangered Species Of The World

Have you ever wondered how life would be without animals? Every animal, as insignificant or dangerous it might be to humans, play a very crucial role in the overall ecosystem. Every day species around the globe are going extinct. Those who are not going extinct are becoming endangered species due to continuous climate change, poaching, hunting, etc. 

Many scientists argue that Earth is on the verge of its sixth mass extinction of animals and plants. Each of us can contribute on an individual level to try and save our precious plants and animal species. This individual effort will only be possible if we have proper knowledge about our ecosystem as a whole.

But before anything else, here’s the list of the 10 Most Endangered Species in no particular order.

1. Black Rhino

Black Rhinos are native to Eastern and Southern Africa. Their population declined severely in the 20th Century by the European settlers and hunters.

However, this mass destruction was recorded in various newspapers and since then, many steps have been taken to protect Black Rhinos from getting extinct. Their population is now more than 5,000 in number, but they are still included in the list of most endangered species.

Black Rhino
Black Rhino

2. Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard belong to North China and in the Russian Far East. In addition, they are fast and stubborn and spend a very self-contained life.

Illegal poaching of Amur Leopards has led them to this list of the most endangered species. There are only 35 of these existing in the world today and many NGOs are working to protect them at all costs.

3. Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorillas live in Congo, Uganda and Rwanda, and in forests high in the mountains. Moreover, They have thick fur to survive extreme climatic conditions.

However, It is essential to protect them before they go completely extinct because of illegal poaching, habitat loss, etc. WWF works closely with various international institutions to save Mountain Gorillas and tick them off the list of the most endangered species.

Mountain Gorilla
Mountain Gorilla

4. Giant Panda

Giant Panda, also known as Panda Bear, is a notoriously shy species that originated from central China. They are facing the fear of extinction because of constant habitat loss. There have been many efforts to keep them from getting extinct anytime in the future.

5. Vaquita

Vaquita is the world’s rarest marine mammal. They are on the verge of extinction and have marked a 40% fall in their population since 2014. In a published article by WWF, they mentioned that only 30 Vaquitas are remaining. Illegal fishing operators catch and drown Vaquitas in gillnets. However, various organisations are taking steps to protect them.

6. Saola

Saolas are the cousin of cattle but resemble an antelope. They have two parallel horns with sharp ends. They were discovered in the year 1992 and are already on the verge of extinction.

Soalas are mainly endangered because of hunting and habitat loss. They are hunted for their meat and horns that are used for making trophies. WWF is closely involved in creating a protected area for Saolas to live and grow.

7. Pangolin

The Pangolin is the only mammal that has scales all over their body. In addition, They use their large, curved claws to draw barks from trees and find insect prey.

But, Only eight species of the Pangolin exist today. Pangolin’s meat and scales are very popular. Studies point out that Pangolins are the most trafficked species which will result in their extinction soon.

8. South China Tiger

South China Tiger, also known as the Amoy, is found in the forests of South China. They are smaller than other tiger species. They were estimated to be around 4,000 in the early 1950s and ever since then their population has dropped drastically to approximately 30-50 of them remaining. South China Tigers are heavily hunted that lands them into the list of the most endangered species.

South China Tiger
South China Tiger

9. Sumatran Orangutan

Sumatran Orangutan lives among the trees of the tropical rainforests. But, there are only eight or nine existing orangutan populations. Illegal dometication of Samutran Orangutan is a problem.

Human activities such as mining, logging, etc. harm the forest as well as Sumatran Orangutans natural habitat therefore making them one of the most endangered species.

10. Javan Rhinoceros

Javan Rhinos are the rarest of the rhino species. Heavy poaching of Javan Rhions took place in 2010. Moreover, They have died from many diseases and tsunamis in the past few decades. The WWF closely tracks them and takes necessary steps to tick them off the list of the most endangered species.

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