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Five ways to earn money by sitting at home comfortably

Gone are those days when it is necessary to move out of your home to earn money and feed your family. But With the commencement of the internet, instead of moving out, people started collecting bugs by comfortably sitting in their homes.

So, if you are also interested in earning those extra bugs besides your mainstream job or planning to quit the job and start a new business, then you are in the right place.

This article will provide the right direction for those who are the smart-earners. There are plenty of options available on the internet to earn money, but we will suggest some of the more straightforward and best ways for you. Let’s see what are those. 

1. Start blogging

Many people have the habit of writing random things, but what if those random things will add up money to your account. Yes, writing passionately and earning with it has not only become a side-by thing but turning people into a billionaire.

However, there are specific points that should be kept in mind before starting a blog as the right approach will earn money rather than only the hard work. Follow some simple steps to be successful in blogging

  • Pick a particular topic for your blogs, especially the evergreen ones like health, finance, relationships or hobbies.
  • Always try to create a unique and best content for your blogs instead of copying from others
  • Try to write seo articles for the best ranking of your sites
  • Be specific to choose your networks as the best influencer will grow you as a blogger

Once you started to draw traffic on your website and earn money, start doing a paid advertisement or sell different products and spaces for the advertisement. 

Start blogging
Start blogging

2. Freelance sites

If you are working as a full-time employee and doesn’t get ample time to dedicate every day to a particular task, then switching to freelance sites to earn money online is the best option for you.

With freelance sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr or Guru, you can pick the interesting work of your field and be paid as soon as you complete your task. 

By opting a single niche and pitching accordingly in the freelance sites for the consistent time can surely improve your skills and let you earn ample bugs.

Even if you want to make freelance sites as the sole means of your earnings, then you can also opt for various tutorials available on Youtube. With the passing time and your great work will increase your credibility in the particular platform and you will be paid higher for the same task with the passing time. 

3. Teach kids online

If you know English, then you are much more skilled than many people in the world. Teaching English online to the students at the one-to-one platform is becoming a great source to earn money.

By doing this through online mode like Skype can fetch you around $25 an hour. For becoming a valuable teacher and getting the higher chance of being hired for the higher cost job, you can also obtain ESL certification.

If the idea of teaching students by sitting at your home sounds interesting, you can check the sites like Remote.co, Chegg Tutors, Learn4Good and many more sites. So, direct your knowledge to a platform where you can be the reason for changing the lives of the kids as well as to yourself.

Teach kids online
Teach kids online

4. Become a social media influencer

Social media has emerged as a top priority for the growth of the online business as people are more connected here rather than visiting the different sites one by one. So, even if you like using social media platforms like facebook, instagram, snapchat or more, then it will definitely help you to earn money.

However, earning money from social media can only help if you have multiple thousands of people connected as more traffic will generate more money.

For example, in the case of instagram, if you managed to have thousands, then many companies may approach you to post their products or services in your profile for the advertisements. You will be paid as per the size of your followings and that too can increase with the regular efforts over passing the time. 

5. Do micro jobs 

Yes, sound like micro, but it is fun to do certain small searches or work for the other person. In the world of fast-moving technology, there are still certain jobs that need the human touch.

For that, small task, companies need a freelancer for paid them in return. The micro jobs usually don’t need technical skills and even doesn’t consume much of your time. 

Micro jobs like searching results for the specific keywords, categorize tone of the articles, translating the paragraphs to another language and more are on the list to do. 

Even there are certain platforms which provide the opportunity to conduct several surveys online and get paid cash, coupons or gift cards in return. You need to sign up and create Can account to get the micro jobs. 

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