Softwares that will stop cyberbullying

According to a recent study, it is said that more than average children below the age of 9 years old spending time on electronic gadgets has experience objectionable content. Their parents have noticed a behavioral change among the kids thus ending their innocence for once due to cyberbullying.

Other researches also revealed that kids who are in reach of the internet world are the easiest target of the malicious element. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take early precautions than to regret later. Here’s are some of the best-recommended software that will stop cyberbullying. 

1. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is the top-rated parental control app for Android devices that lets the parents have a regular watch on the children. If your children are accessible to any inappropriate content or downloaded the unnecessary apps, then try the Net Nanny app. It will surely restrict your kids from cyberbullying by blocking all the malicious sites from the parent’s end. 

In case, your kids are still watching inappropriate content, you will receive immediate notifications and alerts. The additional features of the app include limiting screen time, monitoring online search terms and tracking down the location of your kid’s device.

Net Nanny app
Net Nanny app

2. My Mobile Watchdog

With the multiple control on more than 5 children, My Mobile Watchdog app lets the parents watch the activity of their children on the internet. From blocking undesirable apps and websites to set the time limits, parents get access to both. They can also view the text messages, call history or web history if needed. 

In case parents find any apps or websites objectional, they can also disable the apps at the moment. My Mobile Watchdog app is compatible with both Android and iOS. 

3. KnowBullying

Unlike the other apps where parents have full control of the child’s activity, the KnowBullying app is something different to try. Not only it will give access to the internet activity of your kids but it will also have the one-to-one conversation with your child. 

The educators, parents or caretakers can even set the appropriate time to start a meaningful conversation with the child. It will not only stop bullying but also support those kids who are being bullied.

Cyberbullying will surely stop with KnowBullying app as it will share the overall strategies of the preventive measures on Facebook, Twitter or text. The app is the recipient of the 2014 bronze award in the mobile category from the Web Health Awards.  

KnowBullying app
KnowBullying app

4. Anonymous Alerts

The name Anonymous itself is sufficient to get an idea of the app as the kids who are the victims of cyberbullying can send anonymous reports to the administrators. In case to get the proof, they can also attach photos, videos or screenshots with the report.

With the reach with the school administrators, Anonymous Alerts serves better with the internet kids. Not only cyberbullying but also the reports of drug abuse is heard and resolved by the app.

This free app is available in android, apple and chrome internet browser. The creator of the app, Gregory Bender created the app after the Sandy Hook shooting case as he was also bullied as a kid. 

5. STOP!t

STOP!t is an app designed for the schools that lets the students report the incident of cyberbullying anonymously. The user can choose any trusted adults like their parents, uncle, aunt or any teacher. They can tell their problems either by sending the messages or screenshots. 

Within 1 year of launching, it has a reach to more than 48 school premises. There is a single ID for each student as soon as they download STOP!t app.

The HELPIt button is the app lets the user with a 24/7 support network. It is compatible with iOS, Windows as well as Android. The makers are looking forward to launching the app for college campuses, military and workplaces too.

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